Sunday, 24 June 2018

The changing writing workspace

Finding a place to write - a constantly changing problem which I wrote about in

In 2012 I was favouring laptop on lap on sofa - not good for my back. 

November 2012
Although there is a desk in the living room where the TV is, at times I needed to get away to a different room to be quiet and concentrate, so I rolled the chair into the junk room and stuck my lappie on a small fold up table. That worked to some extent at the time.

July 2014

But sitting down for any length of time is bad for the back and every other body part, so in 2015 I began to experiment with a standing desk.  Having researched ebay and seen how much they cost I improvised my own with a plastic stool on the desk and this became my favoured way of working.  Last year, however, after major surgery, I needed to sit again so the stool went and I sat at the desk once more but making sure (trying, anyway) to take plenty of breaks. 
June 2015

But I am restless again, seeking a new method - one that involves plenty of breaks, but in a clutter free space and a separate room. My very old laptop had to be pensioned off and I have a new, smaller and lighter lappie, easier to carry around, and one which can run off the battery (my old one only worked when plugged into the mains).

Editing in cafes works for now - printing off 300 words of a short story draft then writing in longhand to expand and revise.  Then back to laptop to update.  Then more edits. I enjoy editing.  I just have to find a working method for actually getting new words on the screen.  Without compromising my back and eyes.  Little and often, I suppose.  

Any suggestions for productive and comfortable working methods very welcome!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Footsteps and ideas

Well, I haven't left the house since the snow....but I took some images from inside, looking out.  Footsteps can be a great writing prompt.  Where will they lead? To inspiration, an intriguing story?  Or another dead end? Ideas are forming.....

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Snow in March - I should be writing!

The snow is laying thick outside so I should really be writing....instead, I am nursing another cold and sore throat and trying to keep warm.  My partner is braver than me, and went out for a run, taking some lovely images.  Maybe I should use these as inspiration to write some winter scenes!

image Roger Hyland

image Roger Hyland

image Roger Hyland

Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Mystery of the Spooky Pony

My novel for 8-12 year olds - The Mystery of the Spooky Pony - is available in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish from Stabenfeldt.  (but not yet in the English language).

It's a fun story set around Halloween with a supernatural element. And lots of ponies!

Monday, 5 February 2018

5 Star Review of Forever Horse Trilogy!

I was so thrilled to receive a lovely 5 star review on Amazon of my Forever Horse trilogy from the wonderful Pony Mad Book Lovers. It is a huge boost for an author to get such great feedback!  You can click to read the review here.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Redwings and the Matty Pony Book Series

As a supporter of the equine charity Redwings, I felt honoured to be informed that my Matty Horse and Pony Series now features on their website here - - along with other supporters and partners.

I donate ALL my royalties from the 3 books in the series to Redwings and am proud to do what I can to help horses and ponies in need. The Matty books are fun, fast reads for pony mad children, teens and adults! And they were the first ever of my pony books to be available in digital form for e-readers.

You might also like to check out my 2012 interview with the Redwings Fundraising Manager here: