Sunday, 23 September 2018

A spooky read for Halloween!

My new title, The Spooky Pony Mystery and other stories is now available as an e-book and paperback!  A fun, spine-tingling read for a dark Halloween evening......

The Spooky Pony Mystery
The riding stables have a new arrival – but Sparky isn’t your usual pony and when strange and eerie things start happening, Thea determines to solve the mystery.

An enthralling novella for pony lovers

Midnight Riders
A dangerous midnight race over a haunted bridge has an unexpected and chilling outcome….

Sara’s Riding Jacket
A chance purchase in a junk shop may not be the bargain Sara expects – because it hides a macabre secret that could prove fatal at the local Horse Show.

The perfect birthday pony soon becomes an unwanted gift – but why has Andrew been warned about leaving her out in the rain?

Dark Magic
Cordelia is captivated by her beautiful black horse – and his history - but delving into the past unleashes ancient supernatural forces and a malevolent spirit hell bent on revenge.

Catching Moonlight
The dapple grey pony seems like every pony lover’s dream and Carrie is determined to win him over, however long it takes. But someone is watching her – are they friend or foe?

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Horse who Dreamed of Home in paperback!

More than 2 years after it appeared in the English language as a kindle book, I am delighted that The Horse who Dreamed of Home is finally out in paperback! A heartwarming read suitable for all ages, it has romance, drama and, of course, horses!

Just £5.99, it is available in all Amazon territories, but the UK link is here

And if you want to know the story behind the story, check out this post

Saturday, 15 September 2018

More horse and pony novels available in paperback!

More of my horse and pony titles are now available in paperback format, in addition to e-book format for kindle. You can find them all on Amazon.  If I say so myself, they really do look - and feel - rather nice!  I hope you agree.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

TRICK RIDERS now available in paperback!!!

YAY! Two years after it came out in e-book format, my equestrian vaulting adventure TRICK RIDERS is now available as a paperback!  You can buy from Amazonor if you would like a a signed copy with a special message as a gift, then just email me.