Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New books and new year

To all my readers - thanks for your support and comments and best wishes for 2015!

And just a quick reminder that because of the recent EU VAT regulation changes, unfortunately the prices of my e-books are very likely to go up from 1st January 2015 - so if you want to get any of these titles at their current price, you need to buy before then.

On a positive note, four of my pony books currently only out in e-book format will be available in print very shortly - watch this space!

Let's hope 2015 will be a good year for everyone.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

I'm dreaming of........

When I was a horse-mad child, all I ever wanted was a pony.  I put it on my Christmas list every year and even though I knew deep down there was no way on earth my parents would ever afford to buy and keep a pony, I woke on Christmas morning hoping that a miracle would occur and my dream pony would be waiting for me in our tiny garden.

This was a dream that was never fulfilled.  As my dear late mum would say, it wasn't meant to be.
(And in the words of Joni Mitchell, "You don't know what you've got til its gone." I would give anything to have both my parents back, so I treasure every memory I have of a happy childhood).

So I started writing about pony-mad girls just like me - and in my stories, their wishes came true.

When I was a teenager, all I ever wanted was to be a full time writer.  In my head, it would be a glamorous lifestyle and I would be incredibly successful and probably famous. 

Half of my dream has come true - I am a full time writer, after 40 years of dreaming. 

Be careful what you wish for........

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Print copies of Beware of the Horse out now!

Beware of the Horse is now available in paperback!
  Just £4.99 - a lovely Xmas gift for horse lovers!

A lonely girl with a guilty secret. A troubled boy given a second chance. A dangerous horse everyone is scared of. Well, almost everyone….

Fifteen year old Jan Bryant is haunted by memories of a tragic riding accident. Consumed by guilt, she struggles to cope and becomes increasingly withdrawn, much to the concern of her Mum, Irene, a single parent trying to make a new life for both of them.

Disowned by his parents, eighteen year old Richard has been in trouble with the police, but is taken in by his older brother, Chris. Together, they run a livery stable and give riding lessons to pay the bills.

Both teenagers are trapped by a past that makes it difficult to move on. Like Cassius, the beautiful, damaged and dangerous bay horse that brings them together. On the terrible day when Jan’s world falls apart once more, boy, girl and horse become lost. Richard is injured after an impulsive act results in disaster. With their futures inextricably linked, can Jan save Richard? And who will save Cassius?

An exciting novella for readers who love horses.

The print edition also has some special bonus features, including previews of other stories.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

GEMMA PONY SERIES Book 1 - FREE until 13th December!

Gemma and the Pony Club Dance - the first instalment in my fun 4 book series - will be FREE to download from  9th -13th December! Grab it while you can! 

Girls, boyfriends and plenty of ponies! Fun, action-packed and full of drama, this series is for pony loving teens.

In the first story of the series, you’ll meet pony-mad teen Gemma Carlton and her feisty new pony Fireworks – along with Gemma’s long suffering boyfriend, Steve, her horse-loving friends Fizz and Kath and best mate Callie. They want to raise funds for the new horse rescue sanctuary by organising a Pony Club Dance at the community centre but then a gang of vandals cause trouble and put the horses in danger. Fireworks goes missing – and to make matters worse, Gemma soon suspects her best friend, Callie, is secretly going out with the ring leader of the gang!

Will Gemma find Fireworks? Will she lose her friendship with Callie? And after everything that happens, can life ever be the same again?

This exciting novella is a fast paced read for children and teenagers.

Other titles in the Gemma series:
Gemma and the Tattooed Horses
Gemma and the Black Colt
Gemma and the Disappearing Showjumpers 

Available from Amazon now!  Click here
(also Amazon.com and all other Amazon territories).   

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Being a Writer in the 21st Century - 10 week course

I'm teaching on a 10 week short course from January 2015 in Canterbury - details below if you want to join us!  I will share everything I've learned about my many years (almost 40!) as a published writer. Great venue, and great atmosphere!

Course description

Being a writer in the digital age offers a wealth of unprecedented opportunities for authors – but to benefit from this exciting entrepreneurial climate, a writer has to become a new creature - an authorpreneur. This course explores the realities and practicalities of writing in the 21 st century, arming writers with essential tools and knowledge to avoid the pitfalls.  A comprehensive range of topics will be covered, including marketing, selling and promotion, earning income from writing, the role of agents, publishers, using social media, understanding contracts and payments, methods of working practice and managing your time.

Days and times: Monday 12 January 1-3pm, for 10 weeks
Cost: £89.50
Venue: Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK

What previous students have said about my day schools:

“Jane is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience.”
“Fabulously engaging tutor, enthusiastic about her subject, spoke with passion and authority.”
“It was more than I imagined.  Very informative and interesting.”
“Knowledgeable about the topic.  Excellent to listen to. Inspiring.”
“Obvious sound knowledge base and good clear delivery.”
“Useful hand-outs with links that can provide even more information after the course.”
“Inspiring and informative.  Lots of ideas to work with now!”
 “Jane is clearly very experienced.  She has a good relaxed style and is very enthusiastic.”
“Very useful and clearly put across.”
“Excellent content.  Covered more than I expected.”
“Very clear information.  Very generous with the information. Helpful.”
“Very good at answering questions, very clear targets and direction, well prepared.”
 “It was excellent – very informative, well organised, encouraged questions. Engaging.”


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Joyrider - FREE ebook for 3 days only!


Joyrider - FREE ebook from 4 December - for 3 days only!

Two girls.
A mysterious midnight rider.
And dark secrets, just waiting to be discovered.....

Fourteen year old Linzi has it all. Or so it seems. She’s bright, pretty, popular, lives in a glamorous clifftop apartment and has her own perfect horse – a stunning copper chestnut gelding called Ambrose. But appearances can be very deceptive….

On the other side of the sleepy seaside town, teenager Bex lives in a tiny flat with her widowed mum above the cafĂ© they both run. She’s prickly, moody, and a loner, trying to escape from her tragic past. She doesn’t want friends – especially not girls like Linzi.

After beating him to a place in the jumping team, Linzi suspects her rival, Sheldon, is the mystery joyrider – someone who takes other peoples horses at night and rides them – and she is furious when her beloved Ambrose is targeted. She determines to solve the mystery and discover the true identity - and motives - of the joyrider. But in the process she soon finds herself – and Bex – in terrible danger.

This exciting novella is a fast paced read for children, teenagers and adults. 

Available from Amazon now!  Click here
(also Amazon.com and all other Amazon territories).