Thursday, 4 December 2014

Joyrider - FREE ebook for 3 days only!

Joyrider - FREE ebook from 4 December - for 3 days only!

Two girls.
A mysterious midnight rider.
And dark secrets, just waiting to be discovered.....

Fourteen year old Linzi has it all. Or so it seems. She’s bright, pretty, popular, lives in a glamorous clifftop apartment and has her own perfect horse – a stunning copper chestnut gelding called Ambrose. But appearances can be very deceptive….

On the other side of the sleepy seaside town, teenager Bex lives in a tiny flat with her widowed mum above the cafĂ© they both run. She’s prickly, moody, and a loner, trying to escape from her tragic past. She doesn’t want friends – especially not girls like Linzi.

After beating him to a place in the jumping team, Linzi suspects her rival, Sheldon, is the mystery joyrider – someone who takes other peoples horses at night and rides them – and she is furious when her beloved Ambrose is targeted. She determines to solve the mystery and discover the true identity - and motives - of the joyrider. But in the process she soon finds herself – and Bex – in terrible danger.

This exciting novella is a fast paced read for children, teenagers and adults. 

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