Wednesday, 10 December 2014

GEMMA PONY SERIES Book 1 - FREE until 13th December!

Gemma and the Pony Club Dance - the first instalment in my fun 4 book series - will be FREE to download from  9th -13th December! Grab it while you can! 

Girls, boyfriends and plenty of ponies! Fun, action-packed and full of drama, this series is for pony loving teens.

In the first story of the series, you’ll meet pony-mad teen Gemma Carlton and her feisty new pony Fireworks – along with Gemma’s long suffering boyfriend, Steve, her horse-loving friends Fizz and Kath and best mate Callie. They want to raise funds for the new horse rescue sanctuary by organising a Pony Club Dance at the community centre but then a gang of vandals cause trouble and put the horses in danger. Fireworks goes missing – and to make matters worse, Gemma soon suspects her best friend, Callie, is secretly going out with the ring leader of the gang!

Will Gemma find Fireworks? Will she lose her friendship with Callie? And after everything that happens, can life ever be the same again?

This exciting novella is a fast paced read for children and teenagers.

Other titles in the Gemma series:
Gemma and the Tattooed Horses
Gemma and the Black Colt
Gemma and the Disappearing Showjumpers 

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