Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Running, writing and living

Running is great for writing.  It gives the head space to breath and reflect, and for ideas to germinate and evolve.  I love to observe the birds and squirrels when I’m running and often stop to talk to them.  Part of the human need to commune with other living creatures, I imagine, and to feel a connection with the world.
Sometimes I will do a familiar run in reverse and it’s fascinating how it can feel like a new route when you do that.  The other day, I decided to deviate from my usual route and follow a path that went somewhere I had not been before.  I never find it easy to go into unfamiliar territory, but the path did, strangely, and after some time, take me back onto my usual route but from a different direction.  At first I didn’t recognise where I was, even though it was a path I run frequently, and I reflected on how new everything can look from a different angle.  

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