Saturday, 22 September 2012

Matty Horse and Pony Adventures on kindle!

I have previously posted about my Matty series shortly being available as e-books and you can now buy them from Amazon.  Click on the links on the sidebar. 

I am donating 100% of my royalties for all three books to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Originally published in 1998, the first book, Matty and the Moonlight Horse was translated into Swedish, Norwegian, German and Finnish, and was later available in the USA, in paperback.   The second in the series, Matty and the Problem Ponies, was similarly published in 2000.  Matty and the Racehorse Rescue was published in 2002 and translated into German, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.  This is the first time it has been available in the English language, and the kindle versions are the first time readers have been able to buy all three books in the UK. They are aimed at pony-mad pre-teen and teenage girls and are drawn from some of my own experiences.  

The series starts with Matty and the Moonlight Horse.  Thirteen year old Matty and her fun-loving pony mad friends Ronnie, Spike and Gina work hard at the local stables, mucking out, sweeping the yard and grooming the ponies, hoping that Miss Pugh, the world’s worst riding instructor, will allow them a few rides.

Then impulsive Matty sneaks a ride on Snowstorm, a stunning new pony who she instantly falls in love with, much to the fury of his owner, Mark, and his domineering father. Matty wonders if she will ever get a pony of her own – especially one like Snowstorm.

So the teenage girls come up with a plan – to work even harder, pool their savings and earnings and buy a horse together.

One night, when they miss the last bus home from the cinema, they take a short cut through the graveyard, which they soon regret – until, at the stroke of midnight, they have an unexpected encounter with a mysterious dark bay horse.....

The mystery, action and adventure continues in Matty and the Problem Ponies and there is more drama and danger in the thrilling final story of the trilogy, Matty and the Racehorse Rescue, also available from Amazon on kindle.

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