Friday, 15 February 2013

Beware of the Horse

I have just published my latest title, a horse story for older teens with dark undertones.  It's a novella called Beware of the Horse. Here's the blurb:

A lonely girl with a guilty secret
A troubled boy given a second chance
A dangerous horse everyone is scared of.
Well, almost everyone….

Fifteen year old Jan Bryant is haunted by memories of a tragic riding accident.  Consumed by guilt, she struggles to cope and becomes increasingly withdrawn, much to the concern of her Mum, Irene, a single parent trying to make a new life for both of them.   

Eighteen year old Richard has been in trouble with the police, but is given a second chance by his older brother, Chris.  Together, they run a livery stable and give riding lessons to pay the bills.  
When their paths cross, Richard becomes intrigued by the shy, enigmatic Jan, who has a rare gift with horses but seems determined to keep her distance. 

Both teenagers are trapped by a past that make it difficult to move on.   Like Cassius, the beautiful, damaged and dangerous bay horse that brings them together. 

On the terrible day when Jan’s world falls apart once more, Richard is injured after an impulsive act results in disaster.  Boy, girl and horse become lost.  With their futures inextricably linked, will they see each other again – and find their way out of an increasingly treacherous situation?

Once more, I love what the designer, Klaus Hartleben has produced for the cover.

If you want to check out Beware of the Horse, which is available as an e-book,  the Amazon buy links are here:

If anyone would like a free pdf review copy, do get in touch.

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