Saturday, 7 February 2015

A Place to Write

I've been meaning to write another reflective post for ages now, but things keep happening and I change what I intend to say and keep changing my mind.  But here it is.

Last year I experimented with places to write because I found it hard to concentrate and really focus on what I wanted to achieve.  Writing from home wasn't working, as I was too easily distracted and if the phone rang or something needed doing, I stopped writing.  So getting out of the house seemed to make sense.  Many writers go outside to write, like a coffee shop, a co-working space, even renting an office.  I had to find what worked for me.

So I tried taking my lappie to a local hotel and setting up in the lobby by a mains point (my laptop battery gave up a long while back!).  The first time I tried this, I managed 4000 words in a morning session and I was chuffed, promising myself to do this at least 3 times a week.

Two months later (!) I achieved it again, and over a fortnight, I completed a lot of rewriting and new work at the hotel, in 4 hour stretches.  Afterwards, I had a numb behind but it was great to work without distractions, as I found I could switch off from what was going on around me in this environment.

I also tried taking the fold up table in the bedroom and setting up there, and this worked quite well too.

BUT sitting at a computer screen for long stretches hasn't done my body much good - back ache, headaches, stiffness are all end products.  So my next experiment will be trying to change my lifelong habit of hours at a time of writing to taking a break every half hour or so for a 10 minute walk.  Or even trying writing for an hour a day.

Not managed it so far.....

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