Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year and Horse in my Heart Review

Happy New Year!

The lovely Nayu has written a wonderful review of The Horse in My Heart.

I am so thrilled and it means so much to learn that readers are enjoying what I have written. In fact, it has motivated me to revise and prepare TWO NEW TITLES from my backlist for release via Amazon in January and February 2016, as well as working on the long-awaited sequel to Beware of the Horse.  More news to follow very soon.......

Check out Nayu's excellent Reading Corner here:

Buy link for The Horse in my Heart:


  1. I'm touched that my review had such a positive impact on you!

    1. It came at the right time for me, as I was at a low ebb and was losing my motivation, so it gave me the boost I needed to keep going! Thanks :)

    2. And I brought out both of those new titles as a result - Last Chance Horse and The Horse Who Dreamed of Home. :)