Monday, 4 July 2016

Trick Riders out today!!!

Hard to believe I last posted in April - time flies.......

My latest e-book, out today, is now available on Amazon, all territories - and for the first time in the English language (previously only available in Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish).

Trick Riders is 2 books in one for pony mad readers! Share with young Tia Michaelson her hopes, fears, dreams and dramas as she discovers the exciting world of equestrian vaulting!

Cover design Klaus Hartleben

Book 1: Trick Rider
Shy Tia Michaelson is finding it hard to adjust to moving home again, and misses her friends – and especially the ponies at her old riding school. Exploring her new rural surroundings, Tia ends up getting lost. She wanders into a ramshackle barn and sees something magical - twin teenage girls her own age performing elegant and graceful movements on their talented horse, Twilight – and discovers they are members of a junior equestrian vaulting team.

Despite a rocky start, new friendships develop, and the girls, Hope and Faith, help Tia search for the pony of her dreams, although there are plenty of obstacles along the way. Tia quickly becomes fascinated by the world of vaulting, and when their lunger, Matt, is injured in an accident, Tia finds herself stepping into the spotlight. But can she really learn how to control Twilight – or will her nerves get the better of her?

Book 2: Tia’s Challenge
Tia is enjoying her gorgeous new pony and when an unexpected vacancy comes up in the vaulting team, she secretly harbours a dream of taking up the place. But her fears and anxieties about falling, which go back to a past gymnastics accident, stop her from volunteering. By the time she musters up the courage, someone else has been chosen – someone Tia has already taken an instant dislike to, after a misunderstanding at the stables.

Tia starts to feel a bit left out, as everyone is training for the next competition – this time at a big regional event. So instead of moping, she decides to focus on the jumping class at a local show. However, she can’t resist secretly practicing her vaulting skills with a new ally.
Then another opportunity arises when Faith becomes team captain – will this give Tia the chance she both desperately wants and fears? How will she convince the ever critical Hope that she won’t let everyone down?

A series of unexpected events leads to tension in the team, which results in Tia trying to juggle training for jumping and vaulting with her schoolwork. Something has to give – but what?
In an effort to impress everyone, Tia attempts a daring acrobatic move – which ends in disaster. Tia needs help, and it comes from a place she least expects. With secrets, setbacks and uncertainties ahead, can Tia finally overcome her fears to achieve her dream of competing – and winning - in the vaulting contest?

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  1. Hi Jane

    My wife, Lene, was a big fan of your books, when she was a little girl. I managed to buy her one (translated to Danish) for Christmas.

    Is there any chance, that you could send me a copy of one of your books with a little message to her?

    I would of course pay for it.

    Best regards


    My email is: - just in case :)

  2. Hi Morten - thanks for getting in touch and I'm so glad Lene has enjoyed my books. I would be happy to send you a copy with a message. I have emailed you separately to get more details of what you would like. Best wishes, Jane