Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Breathe! Indie publishing from the experts!

Today I want to draw your attention to some really excellent posts about indie publishing and marketing.  

The first one is recommended reading for anyone, like me, who sets themselves impossible targets and then beats themselves up for not meeting them.  This post, called aptly The 5 Keys to Pain-Free Book Promotion by Carol Costello, takes a more realistic and less stressful approach to book promotion.  Great advice and suggests you don’t have to do everything at once!  As Carol says, just breathe.....

The next one is an informative post by Anthony Wessel, a book industry veteran and founder of DigitalBookToday.com about the cycle of book sales – every writer should read this!

And finally, a great post with some sobering statistics for writers – for example, in 2011 there were 211,269 self-published titles and out of at least 1.2 million titles published by the entire industry over the course of a year, almost 80% sell fewer than 100 copies. 

But if this makes you feel like giving up, just read this truly inspiring post from dedicated indie writer and entrepreneur Kimanzi Constable. 


Wonderful stuff!

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