Monday, 21 January 2013

Writing,Therapy, Creatabot and Philip Glass

Today you will find me over at the art e-zine Creatabot talking about writing and therapy, among other issues....

Please check it out - I'd love to hear your comments.

On the subject of writing and therapy, I want to share with you a wonderful quote from one of my favourite composers, Philip Glass, heard on the documentary Portrait of Philip Glass in 12 parts:

I have a friend who’s a writer and he says that his writing is an anecdote to the chaos in the world around him…he retreats into that world.  That becomes more important than the world he sees. I suppose some people might not think that’s such a great thing but he thinks it is. It’s all real, it’s just what you choose to establish as the core of your being. He makes the core of his life an active imagination.  Is that escape or is that liberation? …..For him writing is a resolution of his life.  It makes his life solid and real.  Without that the world would overwhelm him with its chaos.

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