Friday, 12 April 2013

Cats and book reviews

Book reviews are hard to come by, so when I get positive reviews I’m always very grateful.  It shows, I hope, that I am connecting with readers in the way that I intended.  I’ve been lucky so far, and some of the comments for Coming Home, my story about two special cats separated from their young owner, Kira, were so lovely it made me feel quite emotional.  Maybe it was because the book was such a labour of love.   I hope you enjoy it too – and every penny and cent of the royalties are going to the charity Cats Protection.

Some comments about Coming Home on and
“It is a lovely little book, and a nice easy read. Any cat lover will enjoy the story and relate to the descriptions of the cats.”

“The characters work well, and the story is just the right length. It is well edited and produced and the front cover is evocative of the story itself.”

“I think most cat lovers would enjoy this story of hope and determination. I enjoyed it very much!”

“A tender story about the love of a young girl for her two cats and the love they share with her and with each other. Their persistence in trying to become reunited and the difficulties they faced in this pursuit were so suspenseful that I kept reading. It also brought tears to my eyes at times. You could just feel the emotions of the characters throughout the story. I loved the way in which the author tied together all the different characters and events. This is a wonderful story that even adults will enjoy. Read it - discover what happened; I highly recommend it.”

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  1. So pleased for you honey! :)


    1. Thanks Vikki! Nice reviews make all the hard work worth it and can really lift the day! And this book has a special place in my heart.