Thursday, 9 May 2013

Losing your writing mojo?

In previous posts I have mused a little on the importance of a writing routine and self discipline.  I came to the conclusion that it's important to have both.  For a while now, I have had neither.

I won't bang on about this, as I don't have any solutions, suffice to say that by building some routine into my day (by starting early with a run) I am hoping this will kick start things.  Soon.

This, in turn, may improve my motivation, because I have felt, for some time recently, that the lifelong passion I have had for writing has temporarily left me.  The positive from this is my renewed passion for reading.

So, without further ado (what a lovely expression) I am going to refer you to a couple of pieces by others that throw light on the subject.

The first is a piece in the Guardian:

The second is by my friend, photographer, writer and artist Jan Woodhouse on the importance of routine and how this relates to our sense of achievement.

"I think I’ve always undervalued routine. Nowadays I’m finding that – at the very least – it rescues me from having that ‘nothing achieved’ feeling at the end of the day. And, at best, in focusing my mind, it somehow frees me to be more creative and imaginative rather than less."
Check out the full article on her perceptive blog

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  1. Oh gawd, I know that one!

    And I totally agree, routine is the key :)


    1. Hi Vikki - yes, routine is so important. It's taken me a long time to realise just how important!