Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hitting 1000

Apparently, most blogs have an average of  less than 1000 views monthly and lots of writers give up blogging and become disillusioned.  Perhaps that is connected with the fact that most writers need some form of validation, be this publication or readers, or some other form of recognition.

I can understand this and there are plenty of times I've nearly given up.  However, looking back to the time when I set up the blog, when I had about 10 views a month, and to the present time, when I average 1500 I do feel that the hard work is worthwhile.  And above all, I enjoy blogging.

Below are links to some great posts about writing and blogging.  I especially enjoyed Nathan Bransford and his observations about writers and vlaidation and striving.



  1. Wow! I don't think anywhere in those sort of numbers - if I get at least one visitor a day, and 10 or 20 when I put up a new post, I'm happy! My followers are growing slowly, but 1000 a month (or 1500) is fantastic - well done!
    The blog-post blunders link is particularly helpful - thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Deborah - glad you enjoyed. What I will add is that the work I put into promoting the blog posts makes a huge difference to the number of views. When I am passive, an individual post may not get many views at all, which can be disheartening. I find blog carnivals extremely useful, and also groups on Linked in.