Friday, 7 June 2013

Signed Paperback Pony Books Available!

Just a reminder that I have a very limited quantity of some of my signed print paperbacks for sale. Most of these titles will be difficult to source in the UK.

The books below are sold at £5 each plus p & p:

An exciting mystery of dangerous horses, dark secrets and the supernatural
Only 2 copies left.

Kat is a rebellious teenager and Pagan is an unhappy horse: both have been branded as trouble because of their bad behaviour. When girl and horse meet, it seems as if they are made for each other.  Or so Kat believes - but a haunting presence from the past casts a dark shadow over their future together.....
8 copies left.

A runaway horse, a creepy clifftop mansion and a secretive, enigmatic boy - who can Holly trust if she wants to keep the horse safe from the danger that threatens them both? 
Only 2 copies left.

For full details of how to order, please go to:

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