Monday, 30 June 2014

Writing from the heart

It is always lovely to get nice reviews, and to know that a reader has really enjoyed reading one of your stories.  So when I read a recent review on for my cat charity book, Coming Home, it made me feel quite emotional.  

This book, about two Norwegian Forest cats who are lost, and their owner's frantic search for them to be reunited, is a special book for me, so when the reader commented, 
The author writes from the heart and gives from the heart

I was both delighted and grateful, and very happy.  

Thank you, Barbara, for your lovely words.

You can read the full review here


  1. What a great review - just love it when that happens :)

    1. Me too, Deborah. I'd been feeling quite low before I saw it and it really perked me up. It's always lovely when readers enjoy what you have written - makes me feel I am doing something right!