Saturday, 12 July 2014

Publishing, Planning and Procrastination

I started to write this blog post months ago so I thought it was about time I put it out there.  It's all about reflection - specifically reflecting on what I intended to do, and what I actually did. I looked at my aims for 2013, which did not only focus on writing, because I am something of a butterfly and easily distracted by projects that interest me. 

These were my aims a year ago:

Developing my writing business, including republishing my extensive backlist of novels for children and teenagers.
Getting there, but slowly.  I am well behind my schedule for this.

Being braver and accepting more speaking engagements.
Yes, I am actively promoting this aspect of my work. 

Performing as a classical singer again, especially contemporary repertoire.
Nope.  This may have to wait until 2015. 

Continuing to raise funds for and awareness of the importance of research into early detection and treatment for pancreatic cancer.
Yes, I am organising a (now sold out) ticketed event to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK, and attended a meeting at the Houses of Parliament for the APPG Inquiry. 

In a September 2013 blog post I wrote, "I have 2 more horse titles I want to bring out before the end of September (more likely October now), plus a further title at the end of November (horse sci-fi!) and, hopefully, a completely new story end Dec/mid Jan."  

Ha! Well, I did eventually manage to publish both Joyrider and The Horse in my Heart in November 2013, and my 4 book Gemma series in December. I have not yet managed to put the equestrian sci-fi title onto Amazon - this is now imminent - and the completely new story has not yet been written.  

In my defence, I managed to put out a novella in February this year called Valentine Horse, which is aimed at slightly older readers.   

But I'm disappointed at my productivity, which is not what it should be.  I want to work on two new titles, which are both planned and mapped out, but I need to do the hard graft of actually writing the books.  

Procrastination and vacillation - right now, these two words describe my working practice perfectly!  This has to did you achieve your writing plans for 2013?  

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