Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentine Horse for Valentine's Day!

Two words: Valentine Horse!

If you are romantic, a horse lover or both, I hope you will enjoy curling up on the sofa with the paperback edition or your kindle for an emotional read. Available from all Amazon territories - with love!

Sixteen year old Lara’s world is turned upside down after a riding accident on her lively new horse Skylark, a surprise gift for Valentine’s Day. Recovering in hospital, she meets the enigmatic Ant, an unconventional sculptor. Lara is instantly attracted but her parents don’t approve of the relationship – especially as Ant is older than Lara. 

As her feelings grow for Ant, Lara questions her relationship with her lifelong best friend, and brilliant rider, Ryan. Struggling with her emotions, she also has to regain her confidence to ride the flighty and difficult Skylark, who is the catalyst for everything that happens to Lara after he enters her life on Valentine's Day.... 

Torn between Ant and Ryan, and battling with increasing confrontations with her parents, Lara makes the gut-wrenching discovery that her beloved first pony, Spook, may not have gone to the good home she believed. Is it too late to save Spook? And when faced with a terrible choice, how will Lara find the courage to follow her heart? A heart-warming read for romantic horse lovers everywhere.

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Paperback and kindle editions. 

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