Sunday, 26 May 2019

Horse on the Balcony FREE until 30th May!!!

The Horse on the Balcony ebook is FREE until May 30th in all Amazon territories!
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This thrilling novella for horse lovers is one I am proud to have written. 

Two accidents crush the lives of two girls in very different ways.

Jenni is grieving from a loss that rips her world apart.

Holly is wracked with guilt after an accident she feels is her fault.

A chance encounter at a railway station brings the girls together and they share their tragic secrets. When Holly reveals she keeps seeing a mysterious palomino on an apartment balcony, which Jenni has dreamed is in danger, they decide to find him.
In the process, they discover that sometimes, hope - and redemption - is found in the most unexpected places…

"An outstanding modern pony novel." Pony Mad Book Lovers.

Read the sequel, Dark Horses.  Available as ebook and paperback.

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