Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cafes, hotels, coffee and writers

Yesterday I spent a stimulating day in London with a wonderful friend talking about books, plots, stories and the future for authors.  More of this in a later post.  

A visit to the London Review Bookshop and cafe
made me think how amazing bookshops are, and how they could never disappear.  Just being surrounded by so many books was actually quite awe-inspiring and reminded me of the reason I became a writer in the first place – because I was inspired by books.

I was looking forward to the lovely cakes but had to decline, since every single cake that day contained nuts.  Walnuts, almonds, pistachios…Even the quiche had pinenuts.  So not a place for allergy sufferers.

However, our first stop for coffee had been the splendid Renaissance Hotel near St Pancras.

St. Pancras Hotel Staircase

Designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, this building is a stunning piece of Victorian architecture. The atmosphere, attention to detail and interior design tricks you into thinking you have stepped into the past, with jazz music from the 1930s playing in the background.  A great place to write, both in the smaller room by the entrance and the bustle of the upstairs bar and lounge by the station. 

Cafes, hotels, coffee and writers seem to go together.  Perfectly.


  1. Spooky!

    I go to The London Review shop every Monday night and stayed at St Pabcras last Saturday night! Lol


  2. Love that hotel, though never stayed there. Also went to the British Museum while in London and thought that was amazing too!