Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Social media buzz.
Likes, followers, fans, re-pins, tweets etc.

There for all to see. Evidence of success and popularity.  If your numbers are low,  you are not just a failure, but a public failure.

The emotions this taps into take me back to being at school.  Specifically in the PE lessons, when a popular student is asked to select a team for netball/hockey/whatever and you are one of the unchosen, the kids they don’t want because you are rubbish at PE/a loner/different in some way.  It’s a popularity thing.  Interesting psychology, from every angle.

Does good = popular and popular = good?  Are sales figures a valid measure?

People need to know you’re there, that your book exists in a vast ocean.  
Invisibility.  Discoverability.  The twin evils of indie publishing.  

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