Friday, 2 November 2012

Matty and the Problem Ponies is FREE between 7th-11th November

Just giving a heads-up that Matty and the Problem Ponies is FREE to download from 7th-11th November. 

Aimed at children, teenagers and nostalgic older readers, Matty and the Problem Ponies is the second story in a exciting trilogy. 

Matty has a new pony. 

Sweet. Placid. 100% in every way. 

Well, at least that’s what the ad said. 

Luckily, Matty likes a challenge. Which is just as well, because this will be a holiday to remember….

Now that fun-loving Matty and her intrepid teenage friends Spike, Gina and Ronnie have got a pony to share they no longer have to call themselves the Ponyless Club! The gang look forward to meeting a new member when Matty’s glamorous penfriend, Silke, comes to stay for the holidays.

Unfortunately Silke isn’t quite what Matty had expected and seems more interested in Mark, Matty’s boyfriend, than the horses and ponies! It takes a lot of Matty’s time to keep an eye on her, when what she really wants to do is help the others with Comfort, their new pony, who is not quite as perfect as they were led to believe. In fact, Comfort is turning out to be more of a problem pony and Matty’s hopes of competing in the local show look increasingly unlikely.

But little does Matty know that a twist of fate will bring her back into contact with Snowstorm, the beautiful pony that she loved and lost - and this time, Matty isn't going to lose her again. Even though getting Snowstorm back seems like an impossible dream.

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