Wednesday 6 March 2013

Publishing, writers, vanity and hypocrisy

I just read a really interesting post about indie publishing and why there is still a stigma attached to this area of publishing, which probably goes back to the days when those who self-published were accused of "vanity publishing."  Check it out here:

In any other aspect of entrepreneurial business, anyone who invests their own finances in their business project is considered passionate and deserving of admiration.  It is also assumed that if you expect others to invest in your business, then you should also be investing your own money.  It's the ultimate proof of your faith in yourself and your ability.  And artists and musicians are also admired if they invest financially in their talents and skills.  So why are writers regarded differently?  It doesn't actually make any sense. Are we so insecure in our own judgement that we require a gatekeeper such as a publisher or editor to decide for us what is good and what isn't?  And what about all those writers whose work was rejected by publishers repeatedly, only for them to go on to astounding commercial success at a later date after an innovative small press invested in their work, or they self-published (and consequently the book is  later taken up by the big publishers).  We love that kind of story.  It's inspiring.  Tenacity against the odds.  It gives us hope.  And we respect the writer for persevering.

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