Sunday, 10 March 2013

The power of books

I wanted to share with you a really beautiful post by writer Joanne Phillips that I came across for World Book Day.  It's a personal journey of what books mean to her and so elegantly expressed and poignant.

It made me think about what books meant to me, and how your choice of reading matter can reflect what is going on in your life at the time; the way books can provide an escape from the world, especially for those of us who are naturally shy (even though we might try to hide it!); the way we can learn from books, both non-fiction and fiction.  Other people's stories help us to understand ourselves.

Today is Mother's Day, a fact I usually try to forget, having lost my dear Mum to cancer just over a year ago. I am thankful that she initiated and nurtured my love for books, and have fond memories of her sitting on the bed and reading bedtime stories to me when I was a small child.  It also brings tears to  my eyes.

Anyway, these words of Joanne's especially resonated with me:

In difficult times I often retreat back into a book I’ve read before. I’m one of those people who get too tense to enjoy a film – or book – until I know the ending. Once I know how things turn out I can watch or read again and derive far more enjoyment this way. (I once commented to my husband that I wished I could skip to the end of my life and make sure it all turned out well, then come back and live it in a more relaxed way!)

If only that were possible.  If only we knew from the beginning how our own stories would end. We would no longer have to face the fear of the unknown. I'd urge you to read Joanne's post here:

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