Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Horselovers! Fab new book by Lauren Woodard!

Earlier in the year, I was delighted to publish a guest post from the wonderful Lauren Woodard - horse lover, writer, teacher, trainer and owner of Exceptional Horsemanship 

Lauren's new book is now out and I'm recommending it to horse lovers.  

A witty approach to an issue that every horse owner suffers from-when the horse says, "I ain't goin'!" Not your run of the mill general horsemanship book, Lauren asks that you consider the concepts involved in why these things happen and explore a different leadership and influence concept that will improve your horsemanship exponentially. Fun and funny while learning is second on her list of how-to-do's, first being the horse's respect, justness and safety and whether it results in NICELY moving both the horse's and person's training along. It's as if Lauren is talking specifically to you, and if you asked her, she'd say, "Yes, I am! So, lets get rolling."

Click to buy.

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