Saturday, 7 September 2013

Writing projects, cats and unwritten stories

Steve, one of the two adorable feline inspirations for Coming Home

I'm working on several projects right now, one of which is a book trailer for Coming Home.  I love working with a designer and am now adding a composer to the mix.  It is so exciting to see your ideas realised (and refined!) by other creatives.

I also came across a stack of notes for unwritten books that I plan to go through later, to see if there is anything worth developing.  And I definitely plan to write a sequel to Beware of the Horse (thank you so much, wonderful Vikki Thompson from The View Outside, who suggested the idea - you should be a writing mentor, Vikki!).

So I have plenty to be getting on with.......

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  1. Book trailers are such a good, fun idea! Good luck with it! I love the title Beware of the Horse, by the way - it's how I feel. I find them beautiful to look at but since being bitten hard when I was 17 I'm very wary of them!

    1. Hi Linda - you are the second person to say it's a good book title. Interesting, because when the book was first published outside the UK some years ago, the publisher changed it to The Second Chance. So it's great for me to indie pub it with the title I originally chose. And it remains my bestselling title by a long way.

  2. You are very welcome honey, good luck!

    Oooooo, cant wait to hear all about the book trailer :)


    1. Hi Vikki - I'm so excited about the cat book trailer - like making a mini film! (60 seconds long!) I've chosen the words, images and order in which they appear - the designer then has to make it all look coherent! And it will have specially written music too.