Friday, 20 January 2012

5000 words and being in the zone

Yesterday I wrote 5000 words and finally completed the first draft of my next horse novel for teenagers.  I worked on it for 10 hours, having 2 very short breaks to eat.  I quite like being in the zone to the extent that I forget everything else but it is so intense, I wouldn‘t want this kind of creative state to last too long.

I just hope the story achieves what I intended and that the reader is moved.  These days when I write I tend to think in terms of a single main theme and in this case the theme is love.

I realise that when I watch a film or read a book I now want to distill it down to a single theme.  I may explore this further in a future post…..after a midnight finish yesterday,  tonight will be an evening off writing (apart from posting this blog).   More over the weekend.....

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