Monday, 9 January 2012

Footsteps in the Sand - Guest blog from Jan Woodhouse

In response to feedback, I'm delighted to post a guest blog from artist, photographer and writer Jan Woodhouse.  Check her website and blog. 

"Responding to your blog (which I really like) I was thinking about your comments on life journeys.  The word ‘journey’ has become a bit of a clich√©, what with all the contestants on X-Factor banging on about their respective journeys.  But whether or not we use the ‘J’ word, I think we all have a sense of some sort of process in our lives, and try as I might I can’t think of another word that fits the bill.  I suppose the usual themes embody some sort of personal success or fulfilment, or an incremental building of self-belief. A notion of progress is usually implied.  But what about all those detours and diversions and interruptions along the way?  All those little passages that seemed so irresistible but turned out to be cul-de-sacs?  And yet perhaps even the darkest and dustiest of these had something worth finding.

On 28th March 2010, not long after I started my blog,  I posted some thoughts on Footsteps in the Sand, and I guess this is still relevant.  Are we more interested in the footsteps we leave behind, or what we glimpse along the way?"

Jan Woodhouse

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