Monday, 2 January 2012

On connections

I’ve been thinking a lot about connections.

The internet is all about connections.  As someone whose favourite place as a child (apart from the riding stables) was the library, the opportunities to explore and research and learn through the internet is what I find most exciting.  Your own, constantly evolving, library.  Amazing.

But the internet has spawned it’s most popular child, Facebook.  I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Although it’s power and influence alarms me, I have a profile.  I post from time to time.  I like the way I can stay in touch with my friends and share events and thoughts with them.  It enables us to make connections and feel part of a community.  Humans need to feel connected.

We enjoy comedians when we can recognise the situations and emotions they describe.  I was watching Michael McIntyre the other night and I laughed because what he was saying was so familiar.  It’s the same with the writers we click with.  If they create characters that we can empathise with, we care about them.  We need to feel connected, part of something bigger.  To know we are NOT alone (although we are). It creates a necessary illusion.

Ironic that on so many levels humans have the tools to be more connected than ever before, yet on a deeper level we can feel disconnected.

More on this will follow, because as I approach my fiftieth year a number of interrelated topics demand my attention - as a writer and as a human being.

Journeys.  Connections.  Identity.  Purpose.

For most of my life I have set myself goals and targets.  I would feel adrift without them.  But recently I have realised that more important is purpose.  More elusive but offering a deeper level of satisfaction.    I haven’t identified my purpose yet but I will.  Soon.

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