Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sneak preview of covers for Gemma Pony Book Series!

Further to my post about clearing out cupboards and getting on with the 4 kindle books that need formatting, I have been working my little butski off and managed to get 2 of the books done.  Phew!  Two more to go.  As always, I experienced a few hiccups and it is always interesting to see how different the format looks on each kindle reader - working better on the basic kindle and the Paperwhite than the kindle Fire. 

Anyhow, my ambitious plan was to launch all 4 titles in my Gemma Pony Book series for children and teens SIMULTANEOUSLY.  I have a tendency to make things difficult for myself....

So here is a sneak preview of the first draft covers (they have been tweaked since then) from my brilliant designer Klaus Hartleben.  Hopefully I will get the final edits done for Books 3 and 4 before the end of the Bank Holiday weekend.  

And once my cupboards are emptied, I shall no doubt fill them up again fast!

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  1. They look beautiful, and I'm really enjoying going back to my childhood with horse books :)

  2. Thanks Emmyleigh! I really enjoy working with a designer.

  3. The covers look great! Takes me back to my days reading the 'Jill' books - oops, just aged myself there ;)
    Have you seen the cover of my fantasy that came out last month? Think you might like that too:
    Hope the house move is going ok - are you moving far?

    1. Hi Deborah - glad you like the designs. I loved all my old pony books and still have most of them. Yes, I like your cover - gorgeous horse!

      Luckily I'm not actually moving house yet - but I dream about it more than I should! Speaking of which, out for a stroll by the seaside yesterday I saw my dream penthouse - a mere £700,000! I'd have to sell a LOT of books to fund that dream!!