Friday, 2 August 2013

What do running and writing have in common?

I recently came across an excellent piece about running and writing in Ideas Tap, in which the writer Luiza Sauma looks at the parallels between the two pursuits.

"Writing is a lot like running. Both take enormous amounts of will power and stamina. Both are rather solitary. The more you do them, the better you become. Running and writing are activities that many of us dread, but once we’ve got going, they can fill us with joy, excitement and lust for life."

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I've written a few posts about the connections between writing and running. So what do I now think they have in common?

First and foremost, they are HARD. Really hard. Well, I find this to be the case. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy both running and writing and they compliment each other well. Running is great for allowing head space to create and ferment ideas. Running also gets you away from the desk and laptop, which ensures you get fresh air and move your limbs. Otherwise you would be glued to the chair for hours on end until your body seizes up.  I have sometimes had 12 hour sessions at the desk - not very healthy.

In an ideal world, I plan to structure my day around running and writing but have not achieved it consistently.  I have short bursts where I do manage it and then I feel really pleased with myself - especially if I get up at 7am, enjoy the relative quiet of the world and make my heart work and then, after showering and eating porridge, I still have the rest of the morning to get on with work. 

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