Saturday, 22 December 2012

Self doubt and bravery as a writer

This is a topic that comes up again and again for writers.  Sharing your soul with the world can be a scary thing! You need to develop a hide like a rhino to deal with it.  Writer Nathan Bransford put it so well in a recent post:

You have to be strong enough to put yourself out there, brave and confident as you share a part of yourself with the world. You do it because you love it so much you're willing to risk everything negative that can possibly come your way.
But you also have to be self-critical enough to edit your work and fear failure and be worried that your best might not be good enough, which pushes you just that much further. You have to be scared of what will happen if you don't do your best. You can't ever get comfortable.
Terror and joy. Confidence and self-doubt. The best artists live right in that uncomfortable middle.

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