Friday, 7 December 2012

Typo horror!

I have just discovered to my horror, after 6 proof reads, in several formats, that 3 typos have slipped through onto the first few pages of Coming Home! Arrrgh!!! I have just corrected these and re-uploaded to Amazon. Many apologies to the 5 readers who have already bought the book. I check until my eyes hurt and for me, even one typo, be it an extraneous full stop, sticks out like a beacon in the sea of words.  Maybe I need to ask someone else to do a final proof!

As a reader, I am very intolerant of typos so, dear readers, please accept my profuse apologies. 


  1. Hi Jane - thanks for your comment on my blog.I have an eagle eye for other people's typos (your own are always hardest to spot!) and would be happy to proofread for you if you don't have anyone. (I did a proofreading course some years back but have forgotten most of the symbols now!) Linda

    1. Hi Linda - thank you for your offer to proof read - much appreciated! I am always amazed how one can read the same passage a dozen times and still miss a typo! The brain must replace the error with what it expects to be there. Very strange....

    2. Hi Linda - I couldn't find your email address so am hoping you will get this message - I’ve just nominated you for The Liebster award for your blog. Please don’t feel obligated to accept, but if you’d like to take part all the info is here.

      Thanks and best wishes Jane