Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

Thank you, Vikki, at brilliant blog for nominating me.  It really made my day.   I have discovered that "Liebster" is German for favourite. It's taken me a while to get this together but are the 11 Random Facts about me:

1.    I’m a classically trained singer but I haven’t performed publically for many years.  Plan to change this in 2013….
2.    I enjoy watching fantasy and supernatural series on TV.  Favourites include Grimm, Supernatural, Bedlam, Merlin and Once Upon a Time. And Primeval. Love the dinosaurs!
3.    Although I don’t drink alcohol I am partial to chocolate liqueurs….
4.    I developed asthma when I was eighteen.
5.    Pet hate is nuts in cakes.  And mayonnaise in anything.
6.    When I bake I substitute olive oil for butter/margarine.    Healthier and tastes great (but doesn’t work in flapjacks, as I discovered recently).
7.    Favourite smells are bergamot and patchouli.
8.    When I was a small child, I found some discarded razor blades on a rubbish pile and picked them up.  Ouch!
9.    Favourite films include Marnie, Rebecca (both Hitchcock), Gone with the Wind, Ladyhawke, Finding Nemo and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Adventures.
10.  I’m a certified NLP Practitioner
11.  I can do the Argentine Tango.

Phew!  Next, my questions from Vikki:
And here are my 11 questions:
Q. Are you a punctual person or are you usually late?
Always late.  It’s my middle name and drives my friends (and me) to distraction.  I try hard to be punctual but if I find I can squeeze yet another last minute task out of those few spare moments between appointments, I do.  I claim I inherited a “being late” gene from my dear late mum!
Q. How many hours a week do you spend watching TV? Now come on, be honest!
Hard to say, as in the evenings the TV is usually on but I am on my laptop trying to multi-task.  So I am only half watching.  I like the soaps, Young Apprentice and generally tape Pointless!
Q. What do you wear in bed?
Nothing.  But I love sitting around in my big fluffy dressing gown and furry boot slippers.  Best outfit ever.
Q. In a heated argument do you walk away or keep at it until you’ve had the final word?
Depends on what the argument is about
Q.How many times a day do you look in a mirror? Come on, you can tell us.
In the morning, because my hair sticks up like a cockatoo!
Q. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Groan, then hide under the duvet.
Q. Do you consider yourself lucky?
I don’t know what I think about the concept of luck. 
Q. What are your top 3 pet peeves?
Bullies in any form, selfish drivers and nuts in cakes!
Q. What character in The Wizard of Oz are you most like?
I only saw it once when I was little and to be honest I can’t remember the characters, but the dog was cute.
Q. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I regularly shoe cull.  3 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of trainers, flip flops, some “going-out” shoes plus several pairs of pole dance shoes that I never get the chance to wear now. L

I’m delighted to say thank you to all the bloggers who continuously share what they know and what they learn with other writers. Without their generosity I probably wouldn’t have achieved what I have so far. I am nominating for the Liebster Award:

Thank you all!  And if you accept my nomination, here are my 11 Questions for the bloggers I have nominated:

1.What is your biggest achievement so far?
2.If you could choose your own name what would it be?
3.Sun or snow?
4.What is your favourite book/s?
5. If your friends used 3 words to describe you, what would they be?
6.What was your childhood ambition?
7.What makes you laugh?
8.Chocolate fudge cake or doughnuts?
9.Who would play you in a film about your life?
10.What is your best quality?
11. If you could give advice to your 12 year old self, what would it be?

Here are the rules:
1. When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
2. Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (while making sure you notify the blogger that you nominated them!)
3. You write up 11 NEW questions directed towards YOUR nominees.
4. You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated your own blog!
5. You paste the award picture into your blog. (You can Google the image, there are plenty of them!)


  1. You are very welcome honey, love the answers...pole dancing shoes? Lol


    1. Hi Vikki - I love my pole dance shoes and can't bear to part with them even though I sold my pole. They have massive platforms and 6 inch heels and are very glam! And shiny!

  2. Thanks so much for nominating me! You seriously need to revisit the nuts in cake thing, though ;-)

    1. Hi Betty - you are welcome! Nuts in cakes - uuurgh!

  3. Hi Jane - thanks so much for the nomination - I'll have fun with that in January! Have a fun-filled Christmas :-)

    1. Hi Linda - you too! And you are most welcome! :)